Monthly Archives: April 2014

To do, Wed 4/23 – Workshop Day

I.  Demonstration – Set up webpage  (why?) – study

II.  Independent group work.  Use your time wisely!

  • Search for books, articles, in library catalog, databases.
  • Read your article. Take notes.  Compare notes with partners.
  • Start drafting your essay.
  • Review your course notes, text, for relevant background info for your topic.



Class Mon 4/21

I.  Announcements & Registration Demo

II.  Working in groups – guest lecture Ken Carrizosa

III.  Group meetings


Wednesday we meet in IndStu 134 computer lab again!


To do:

1.  Register on this website by clicking the “register here” button in the right column.  It will ask you to create your username and then email you a password and link.

2.  Click the link in the email and use the password to login for the first time.  It will prompt you to go to your “user profile” to fill in your name, and change your password to something you’ll remember.  Be sure to go down to the bottom of the page and click “Save” to save your changes.

3.  From now on, just go to “login here” in the right column to login and work on your project (demo soon).


Welcome to the class website for WOMS20, Women of Color.