I.  Surf for a topic. Your topic must be a person, issue or organization that affects women of color.

II.  Search the library catalog and journal databases for a good academic source on your topic; also consult your textbook (BFT).  You must find at least two academic sources for your topic. A third source may be an online source (remember our workshop rules for choosing good sources).

III.  Read your sources carefully, taking notes.  Share notes on your reading with your teammates, and together decide on your thesis.  Start drafting your essay together as a team to reflect the ideas you think most important for the general public.

IV.  Post your essay on the webpage.  Add a few photos.  Edit.  Proof.

V.  Decide how to present your page to the class.



If you find a possible person or topic, switch to the library to see if you can find a journal article or book about the person.

Digital Schomburg African American Women Writers of 19th Century (look for “biographies”) Library Databases

Chicanas chingonas at (this site is an exception to my “no .com” rule….)

Women’s orgs at

See this African American Issues factsheet at american

Browser this Indian Country Network news site for possible topics

Look at the various organizations back at SisterSong…

Domestic Work

 South Asian Women’s Network has lots of sources and info

A powerful Pinterest collection:  Black Women, Girls & Violence

 Gwendolyn Smith, rape, and resistance

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