See you Wednesday morning at 9:45 in our regular room.

Please bring Scantron form 882-E (100 MC questions)  and a large bluebook.

See you then,

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Last day! 5/16

I.  Leave your paper at front, pick up your team peer evaluations.
When finished, leave evaluation at front, in folder.

II.  Notes for Final
–essay question?

III.  Video: Margaret Cho

IV.  Closing words

V.  Faculty evaluations

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Hey all,

Just a reminder that your research papers are due Monday, 7-8 pages double-spaced.  You should focus now on only your own subtopic – not the entire team presentation.  This is a formal paper with cover page and bibliography of at least four academic sources (two may come from shared team resources) in APA style (samples here).  Be sure you have a clear thesis/argument – for example, not just “Domestic violence is a problem”, but “Domestic violence has fundamentally challenged the way we perceive American family dynamics.”

The final study guide is here, in case you missed it.  Please review it and bring questions on Monday.  We will also do team peer evaluations Monday

Hang in there!

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Wed 5/11

  1. Gay/lesbian adoption in the U.S. – Michelle, Lydia, Emily
  2. Women & media – Andrea R, Reanne A., Vedika R.
  3. Reproductive rights & comparative ethnicities – Alessandra, Francisca & Naomi
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Monday 5/9

Student Presentations

  • The abortion pill – Yessica, Alex W., Aly B.
  • The Second shift – Shawnte S., G’neyb S., Wendy W
  • Riot Grrrls – Alie B, Jennifer T., Karina R.
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