Group assignments & NO CLASS WEDNESDAY

We created our final project groups today, so if you missed class, read up here and email asap to sign up for a group….

There is no regular class on Wednesday – please use the time to meet with your group and get started on researching and organizing your project topic.  A group progress report is due Monday in class – one page from the group with topic, initial bibliography, or work assignments…..

Remember (most) class emails are listed here at the bottom of the page (password:  spartans).

    Closed groups:

    • Sex selection and reproductive rights – Meliza, Breanna, Claire
    • Gay/lesbian adoption – Michelle, Lydia C., Emily McD
    • Gender difference in science – Ana C., Tony T., Sara M.
    • Women & media – Andrea R, Reanne A., Vedika R.
    • Reproductive health issues in sex work – Maria C., Anna C., Vilma R.
    • The Second shift, domestic/wage work – Shawnte S., G’neyb S. Wendy W
    • Feminist organizations in the 80s & 90s – Alie B, Jennifer T., Karina R.
    • Domestic violence among same sex couples – Amy T, Ruth T., Joyce K.
    • The wage gap – Richard H., Anabel H., Gerald B.
    • Reproductive rights & race/ethnic perspectives – Alessandra, Francisca & Naomi
    • The abortion pill – Yessica, Alex W., Aly B.

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