Final Exam info & Monday’s class

Monday, we will have a guest lecture on “Angela Davis’ Feminist Analysis of the Prison Industrial Complex” by Sascha Brown.  Please finish the short book, Are Prisons Obsolete by Monday.

In Monday’s class, we will also vote on the format of our final exam (see below), and we will also sign up for presentation dates (M 5/2, W 5/4, M 5/9, W 5/11)– so don’t miss it!

Final Exam (May 25, 9:45am)

I.  Traditional Exam – 30 multiple choice terms, 3 short answer, 1 essay.  Will provide a study guide.

II.  Takehome Essay Exam – two essays, 3-4 pages each.  Pick 2 of 3 topics given on last day of class, due day of Final

III. Identification exam – Study guide of 30 terms we choose.  On day of exam, I give you ten terms, you write about 8 of them.  Here are my standard instructions for an ID exam:

Choose any eight of the following terms (5 pts possible for each). For each term, write:
1 pts – a brief definition of the relevant term, and an example, if applicable
1 pts – mention the context in which we read/studied it
3 pts – an explanation of the significance of the term for women’s studies, including any relevant substantive or historical information.  This third part is most important, because you are explaining why the term is important, why I should care about it.  This part of your answer is subjective, meaning it is your informed opinion about why this idea matters. (Another way to think about this part might be, what would this term or phrase have meant to you before you took this class?  What does it mean now, and how do you explain the difference?)

A good identification will be a full paragraph, or 4-6 sentences.  Yet longer paragraphs are not necessarily better – do not just write everything you can remember about a term, but think carefully about what is most important and relevant about a term in the context of our class.

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