5/9 class notes – Gender & Violence

Lecture notes are here

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2 Responses to 5/9 class notes – Gender & Violence

  1. ElyC says:

    I just wanted to comment on something the prof said on Wednesday. One of my co-workers was the victim of an attempted rape. She was standing outside a club in San Francisco, smoking a cigarette, when she was attacked by some guy who hit her in the face and busted her lip. She fought back, but he managed to get her down and pull her skirt up. It was then that she yelled at him that she had AIDS and then spit blood on him. They guy actually stopped what he was doing, called her a f***ing lesbo and ran away. She didn’t plead with him to stop, she was too angry to do that.

    Just thought I’d let everyone know that yelling you have AIDS could work. Some people were suprised and even laughed when the prof said it.

  2. rleach says:

    She is a smart women to think of something like that to say when she was properly really shocked of what was occurring. I will tell my girlfriends about this story.