Domesticity & Social Welfare – 10/8

Lecture notes are here. We’ll continue our discussion of social service issues on Wednesday.

We agreed to have a take-home midterm which I will hand out on Wednesday, and is due Monday 10/15 at the beginning of class. You are responsible for all material in the reader as well as material presented in lecture and discussion. The midterm will be two short essays (2-3 pages), or a total of five pages. I will give you three prompts, and you will choose two of the three.

And as I mentioned today in class, this is my last week of class before I take my maternity leave. alimohawk200.jpgAgain, I’m sorry to disrupt your semester, and had I known earlier that I had this great benefit, I would have arranged things differently. We are fortunate, however, that one of our most experienced and respected instructors, Dr. Victoria Rue, will be teaching the second half of the course. You will meet her at the beginning of class Wednesday. Please know that Dr. Rue and I are working together to make this as easy a transition as possible.

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2 Responses to Domesticity & Social Welfare – 10/8

  1. Ali says:

    Professor Gallardo~ I think sometimes things do happen for a reason, in fact I know they do. One one hand, I am dissappointed that I won’t get to come to class twice a week, hear your lecture, learn and really be informed. I also think that you are dedicated and signing up for classes that’s not always the guarantee. On second hand, I am so happy that you found out about your situation ahead of time in order to reap every benefit you deserve. Have fun and take full advantage of every minute. I have had the chance to speak to several students in our WOMS 101, and the message is you will be missed but we know we are in good hands. Have fun & we will see you next semester:)!!

  2. ilikeheadphones says:

    I agree with everything Ali wrote. You did a great job teaching the material and showing us what it all means. You will be missed. Thank you for a great first half of the semester. Enjoy spending time with your baby, who has a really cute Mohawk. =)