Many Faces of Gender Inequality

Amartya Sen, “The Many Faces of Gender Inequality”

“Gender inequality is not one homogenous phenomenon but a collection of disparate and inter-linked problems”

Mortality Inequality – high rates of death for women, subsequent higher numbers of men

Natality Inequality – boy preference.  Especially common with possibility of sex-selective abortion, East Asia, China, S. Korea, also Singapore, Taiwan, India, S. Asia

Basic-facility inequality.  Separate but equal.  Girls have inferior schools, less access to resources

Special-Opportunity Inequality – Reduced access for women to special opps like higher education.  Gender differentiated occupational spaces, historically war, commerce, politics, military, philosophy, science (1766).

Professional inequality – Workplace barriers, old boys network, sexual harassment, working hours….

Ownership Inequality – property ownership differs for men and women. Europe, U.S., India, women historically prohibited from owning property.

Household Inequality – inequality within the household, differentiation of wage work and family work




Natality Inequality / son preference


Opportunities / Higher Education

Property Ownership

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